4by3 (Red) aluminium multi-purpose ladder 12ft

KSh 16,999.00 Excl Tax

4by3 (Red) aluminium multi-purpose ladder’

Structure4by3 multipurpose aluminium ladder
Ladder TypeStep Ladder
Is It FoldableFoldable
Steps12 Steps


4by3 (Red) aluminium multi-purpose ladder

  • This multi-purpose extendable aluminum folding ladder is great for attic, library, warehouse, supermarket, sites, above-ground pool, bunk bed, apartment fire ladder escape, trampoline, manual work, fruit picking, loading and unloading truck, home/building maintenance, window washing, car washing, exterior/interior decorating, painting and more
  • Foldable and adjustable multipurpose aluminium ladder also allows different configurations for different jobs around the house (like painting the stairs, clearing the gutters, washing the windows or changing a light bulb) then this different combination ladder is the perfect solution. It’s ideal for use for interior and exterior painting, decorating, loft access, cleaning windows, gutter cleaning, other indoor and outdoor activities etc. Sturdy aluminum, can be used as straight ladder/double sided ladder/trestle/workstation platform/stair ladder etc.


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