Ace 100 Hammer Energizer

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Ace 100 Hammer Energizer

  • Fully programmable with Keypad (NOT INCLUDED)
  • High voltage live line monitoring with alarm.
  • Earth line monitoring with alarm.
  • Gate (Auxiliary) monitoring with alarm.
  • Siren and Strobe connections
  • On board armed response connection and relay
  • Battery backup
  • Solar enabled
  • Lightning and power surge suppression build in.
  • Easy to use optional LED or LCD KEYPAD
  • Variable output Joule settings


Ace 100 Hammer Energizer

Ace 100 hammer energizer is the newest and state of the art multi-function energizer to join the HAMMER range. This compact and easy to use energizer is controlled either with the on board key-switch or with an optional LED or LCD KEYPAD or by a remote key switch or remote control. The unit is operated by a fully programmable microprocessor.

Most comprehensive range of add-ons available to suit your needs. The unit also boasts earth line monitoring as well as a simple and easy adjustable voltage and joules method, which can be done via the keypads or on the unit itself. The optional keypads are also fully programmable.

The idea behind the new HAMMER ACE range is to make it as user friendly as possible with simple but useful ways to set it up to your desired needs. The new Switch Mode Power Supply, with built in lightning and surge protection and the 10 stage adjustable output joules are just a couple of those examples.

  • Fully programmable
  • 5 Joule output
  • Stored Energy: 8J
  • Backup time: 12 hrs
  • Battery Capacity 7ah


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