Nemtek Druid 13 LCD Energizer

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Nemtek Druid 13 LCD Energizer

3 Joule output energy (single zone) • Robust and flexible design for home security • Built-in alarm monitors tampering or faults on the high voltage and earth fence wires • Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module • Lightning and power surge protection • Intelligent power saving to extend battery life • Easy-to-use tag included for controlling the energizer • Walk test mode for easy fence testing • The LCD background colour changes to easily identify the fence condition • Powered by 240V mains and includes built-in battery for back-up power • Built-in gate alarm input to monitor if the gate is open or closed • Optional keypad for controlling and programming the energizer. This allows the user to control the energizer remotely, with up to two keypads


Nemtek Druid 13 LCD Energizer

DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer CD display in the Druid range makes information on the status and performance of the energizer quick and easy to read. Using the Adaptive Power Technology (APT) pioneered by Nemtek. DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer offers a unique technology to detect how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy.

This maximises the power on the fence and minimises false alarms. DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer offers a new and unique method in detecting how much power a fence can accept and handle before it starts to arc and waste energy. This allows the fence to operate at higher voltages and more efficiently. Changes in the surrounding environment can affect.

DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer APT actively analyses the fence and adapts the transfer of power as required to ensure maximum performance. DRUID 13 LCD 3 energizers are an excellent choice for coastal areas, where the salt build-up during the dry season can result in increased power losses along the fence. DRUID 13 APT feature will modify the output pulse to maximise the transfer of power onto the fence and minimise arcing.

The energizer ensures that the fence only receives the amount of power it can manage thus making it energy efficient and economical. DRUID 13 APT LCD display give a quick glance indication of the energizer status without the user having to approach the unit in order to read the display. For example, “green” indicates all is fine, “orange” indicates that attention is required and “red” indicates an alarm condition.

DRUID 13 LCD 3 Joule Energizer specifications

Enclosure size: L285 x W212 x D120 Weight excluding battery (7AH): 3.1kg Weight including battery (7AH): 5.3kg IP rating: IPx4 Operating temperatures: -10°C to 50°C Operating humidity: < 80% non-condensing Electrical supply voltage: 240V Typical power consumption (normal operating conditions): 18VA Standby time (fully charged battery): 24hrs Energy output 500 Ohms load: 3.0 Joule Open circuit voltage: 9 000V

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E-DRUID/13/LCDDruid 13LCDDruid 13 LCD – 3J Energizer


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