Asenware LPG Gas Leak Detector With shut off Valve

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Asenware LPG Gas Leak Detector With shut off Valve

  • Easy to install, mounting bracket included.
  • Loud 85 dB alarm and LED warning light.
  • High quality durable sensor.
  • Self-diagnostic function by MCU intelligent software.
  • Excellent reliability and high stability.
  • Ideal for all kitchens.


Asenware LPG Gas Leak Detector With shut off Valve

Standalone LPG Gas Detector Installation Instructions
The Gas detector is intended to detect  CH4 gas. It is intended for installation in the home, small commercial properties, and recreational vehicles .
Installation shall only be undertaken by technicians holding a certificate issued by an authorized distributor.
For detecting CH4 gas (lighter than air), the detector should be installed within 30 centimeters below the ceiling and 50 cms above the oven and the maximum distance away from the furnace or gas appliances is 4 meters.
The detector should not be located close to any obstacles preventing natural air circulation. It should also not be located in a draft or close to a cooker (cooking smells and other fumes can have a bad influence on gas detection).
Standalone LPG Gas Detector Operation And Testing
Check and test the gas detector after installation. It should be tested weekly and check after re-occupation following a holiday.


How To Test And Check LPG Gas Detector?

Power on: The green work light starts to flicker and the warm-up time is 2 minutes .During this process, only the button responds, and other tests do not respond. It can work normally after the warm-up is completed, and the green work light is always on before the test can be performed.
Normal: When the device is in a normal state, the green      light on the power supply is on, and the other lights are off
Fault:  When the sensor is in a fault state, the yellow LED of the sensor flashes slowly. After troubleshooting, the device will return to normal
Alarm: When the detected gas leakage reaches the alarm level, the red alarm light will be on and the buzzer will sound. Usually the default models are relay and pulse voltage output.
Test: Under normal circumstances, press the test button, the unit should make a sound, the three LED indicators will light up once, the buzzer will beep twice, and there will be no signal output. In order to ensure the normal operation of the gas detector, you should test it once a week
Mute: The local mute can not be used in the alarm state, but the host can only be used to mute the sound remotely.
Reset: Local reset cannot be used in the alarm state, but the host can only be used to reset all remotely, there is no output, the alarm light is off, and it enters the preheating state
Remote test: the red light flashes when the host is testing
Remote mute: when the local alarm, the yellow fault light flashes quickly when the host mutes the sound remotely


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