Cooper Menvier Conventional 4 zone Fire Panel

KSh 35,950.00 Excl Tax

Cooper Menvier Conventional 4 zone Fire Panel

  • Flexible high specification system
  • Very easy to maintain and service
  • Suitable for a large range of projects
  • No fuses required
  • Maintenance free poly switch circuit protection with auto reset
  • Class change and programmable fire/fault relay as standard on 2/4 zone
  • Discreet panel design
  • Numerical access code (no lock keys)
  • Supplied complete with battery for 24 hour standby
  • Polycarbonate housing


Cooper Menvier Conventional 4 zone Fire Panel

he FX2202CPD range of conventional control panels provides a solution to any conventional system requirement.

The advanced features include a simple “one-shot” user test facility, class change contacts, battery voltage alarms, and charger temperature compensation, all included as standard to ensure ease of use and high reliability.

Attention to detail is emphasized by the neat log book holder feature, allowing essential records to be stored close to hand – for quick easy reference.

For larger installations customer configuration of the panels offers even greater flexibility, providing specific requirements to be easily met in a competitive and cost-effective package.

2 and 4 zone panels are currently available in the FX2202 range, providing a choice for small to medium-sized commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants, retail units, care homes, warehouses, and supermarkets.


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